Transferable rights to renewable energies power purchase agreements.


Transferable rights to renewable energies power purchase agreements.

Energy and financial efficiency

Power Purchase Agreements are private energy supply contracts between renewable producers and all types of consumers in their financial and off-site modality. Its promotion contributes to the development of new sustainable energy models and the advancement of ecological transition.

Producers benefits

Producers obtain a stream of income for the electricity generated by their renewable project and access to financing for new facilities.

Buyers benefits

The buyer guarantees the price of energy in a certain period avoiding volatility. Through a PPA, companies and organizations willing to invest in renewable energies, or who wish to carry out strategies to increase their consumption, can do so by investing directly in generation projects.

Benefits of notarised PPA rights

Being long-term contracts, PPAs are illiquid and difficult to transmit. Tokenisation allows them to be fragmented and buyers can easily transfer their positions, recovering the investment, benefiting from a possible revaluation, or even, in the case of corporations and institutions, giving participation to stakeholders. Producers gain access to a greater number of buyers to support the financing of their projects. PPAs are private contracts without specific regulation, notarisation provides the entire process with legal certainty and transparency.

Individualised tokenisation of generation units

By means of identification and geolocation systems, specific production elements can be tokenised within a facility, scaling and personalising the financing possibilities.

Create new notarised offerings or apply the solution to existing contracts.

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