Software, videogames and digital art

Intellectual protection and funding of computer programs.

Software, videogames and digital art

Intellectual protection and funding of computer programs.

The public notary as protection

Among the advantages of notarising computer programs versus the Intellectual Property Registry are the speed and the possibility of accrediting and protecting developments in progress.

Code as colaterall

The notarised program can be deposited as guarantee of contractual compliance.

Notarised transferable rights to the code

Noken Digital Assets provides the issuance of digital rights to the code, which can be transmitted directly and easily. The creator establishes the reward that buyers of the rights will receive and the term in which he is obliged to make it effective. A fixed or variable rate on the funds, shares on future profits, exploitation rights, or a combination of all of the above.

Authors benefits

While protecting their creations, owners of the software can finance developments by selling convertible rights to them. In the case of works in progress, authors can offer greater security to investors by notarising other works from their catalogue as a guarantee. Unlike other forms of alternative financing such as product crowdfunding, which is aimed at end-users and requires the individual participation of numerous buyers, notarised convertible rights allow access to professional or purely financial investors who do not have to be end-users of the application, so they can also finance specific elements of it. Compared to financing rounds through equity, notarised convertible rights do not compromise the capital structure, and offer greater flexibility by allowing liquidity to be obtained for specific developments.

Investors benefits

When buying notarised convertible rights, investors have the legal certainty and transparency of the notarial intervention, which certifies the asset and the guarantees of the offering. Investors may sell their position in whole or in part benefiting from a possible increase in value, or wait to maturity and collect the reward established in the initial offering. In the event of default by the issuer, the rights are backed by their conversion into the proportional part of the assets.

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