Venture capital

Transferable convertible notes for SMEs and startups.

Venture capital

Transferable convertible notes for SMEs and startups.


Convertible notes or loans are one of the fastest and most flexible ways for SMEs and startups to obtain financing. They are contracts in which the outcome may consist of a fixed or variable rate, or in the conversion of the amount of the credit into equity shares.

Transferable rights

The digitisation of transferable notarised rights to convertible notes allows investors to easily transmit their positions during the period prior to conversion.

SMES and startups benefits

To the inherent advantages of convertible notes, notarised transferable rights add the possibility of instant and remote monetising by selling the token to verified users. Improving investors liquidity enhances the potential of the offering. International investors can participate securely without need for displacement.

Create new tokenised convertible notes offerings or implement the solution to existing contracts.

Investors benefits

Investors can easily transmit their position in whole or in part thanks to the possibilities of fragmentation by selling tokens, benefiting from a possible increase in value prior to conversion. Notarisation provides transparency and legal certainty.

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